The story of Cedric Perez

My name is Cedric Perez, I was born in Hasselt in 1978.​

As a child I always looked up to my parents and grandfather who run a foundry in the centre of Hasselt.​

My mother and grandfather were real artists they hand milled pewter plates, cups, rings, watches, medals and other materials such as gold and silver.​

Meanwhile, my father was in the back of his studio casting tin.​​

When I was 14-15 years old I started to try some things in the back of my grandfather’s studio.​

Not much later my mother started to work independently and started making computer-controlled milling work, such as door plates and name cards, both on soft and hard plates like glass, copper, plexiglass etc….​

Soon I got the jitters to try something out and make something,  where I started experimenting with plexi. Making my own drawings like the Redbull logo with bulls. First I had to draw these completely manually on the computer. After that I started to make larger works like hat shelves out of plexiglass for cars. Sometimes I also milled drawings into plexiglass and filled them up with another color of plexiglass. ​​

After that I went to live alone and in the winter of 2012 I was a bit bored and thought I should make something. By searching and watching for days on YouTube, I came up with the idea to make bracelets in paracord (this is a survival cord). In this way I learned different tying techniques. So I started to buy small things like rope, clasps, beads and then went to work with them.​

A few years later I got the idea to make matching bead bracelets as well.​​

In February 2017 I had my very first tattoo placed in CapeTown : a picture half buddha/half skull.​

After years of buying beads, I got the idea to design my own bead in 925 silver after the design of my tattoo. Why silver? Silver is a material that retains its value, doesn’t discolour and doesn’t wear out.​

The next step was to appeal to a 3D designer for the design and asked him to make a full buddha as well as the half buddha/half skull design.​

That’s how my first two beads came into being. When I had them printed in 3D I was so proud of my own beads.​

Through an acquaintance I found a silver factory in Bangkok that could help me further to make my dream come true. I visited this factory in January 2020 so I could see with my own eyes how it all works. The workshop is specialized in making silver jewelry and especially by a lot of specialized and passionate staff. And where craftsmanship is still very important.​

At the end of 2018 I came up with the idea to also convert my designs into rings. In order to keep the costs down, I had the rings eroded. ​

From designer to 3D print to silicone moulding and silver casting……so you’re 4 months away.​

One day I came across an image of a geometric candle on the internet that looked like a skull and I knew right away I want to be the 3rd own design.​

After a lot of thinking and consulting with the designer I decided to go for a new begging. So it became a flattened charm with skull in it. This charm can be combined with a beaded bracelet.​

Some time later, my thinking was converted into a new design: a lock for my bracelets in the shape of a rim. I came up with this idea when I was looking for new rims for my car. Because this will be used as a clasp, the button of the stretcher of the bead bracelets is always very neatly tucked away. And my own brand name is also incorporated in this bead. Furthermore, it is just like all previous beads made of 925 Silver.​